Ways On How To Lose Weight And Get That Body Shape You Want

When the two vital glands found sitting on top of each kidney are not in top shape and malfunctions in the sense that it will overproduce or under produce certain hormones in the body, it will result in an adrenal body type.

When the body goes through physical or metal stress, the adrenal glands produce hormones in response to it. Adrenaline which is considered to be the fight or flight hormone and epinephrine which is the hormone released when the body experiences any form of stress are the two most basic hormones produced by this gland. Look up vitamin injections to learn more. 

Another major hormone produced in the adrenal gland is the cortisol which is involved in anti-inflammatory responses like during an allergic reaction. The body goes through several stressful events on a daily basis and it is the job of the cortisol to make sure that the body has enough energy to deal with whatever stress comes on their way.

Controlling the absorption of minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium, balancing salt and fluid levels in the system, and providing immune system protection are a few other functions that the adrenal glands are known to have. When adrenaline is released in the event of a stressful situation, the heart rate increases as well. The body has a sleep and wake cycle that is also controlled by the said glands. During menopause, estrogen is produced as a way for the adrenal glands to function as a back up organ for the ovaries.

How do you define the adrenal body shape profile?

When your adrenal glands do not function well enough in producing hormones, fat will tend to deposit in the face and the midsection of the body. A loosely sagging stomach area is the result of the build up of fats in and around the organs in the abdomen. Because the fat will also accumulate in the face, a person that suffers from a malfunctioning adrenal gland will most likely have a round, or moon shape face. In worse cases, fat may also accumulate in the upper back and lower neck areas of the body. This is a medical condition called the Buffalo Hump.

When you see a person that walks around with thin arms and legs but the abdomen is somewhat big and saggy then that person might be suffering from a defective adrenal gland and thus causing the adrenal body type. When the adrenal gland malfunction, it tends to overproduce cortisol which breaks down muscle tissue and convert it into sugar for energy as a response to the stress the body is feeling. Thinning of the bones can be a result of increased in cortisol mainly because there will be a decrease in calcium absorption. Prescription appetite suppressants can also be very effective so be sure to try check them out too.